The process of preservation of the temples is permanent and has helped preserve their architecture and restore works of art that have within them, such as mural paintings, canvases, sculptures, silverware, ceramics, carpets and chasubles. In addition, they have been refurbished throughout the system of internal and external lighting of the temples.

This work has been made possible thanks to a group of professional crafters who are experts in restoration. The restoration process has combined the latest conservation techniques with ancestral processes and the use of local materials, used when these amazing temples were first constructed and decorated.

This work has been made possible thanks to the alliances established between the Society of Jesus and the World Monuments Fund, the Repsol Foundation, the Endesa Foundation, the Fondo Contravalor Perú Francia, the Backus Foundation and the Ministry of Culture.

[blockquote text="It has been a comprehensive work of restoration, from internal and structural, to works of art, altars, furniture, paintings… We have also considered the social aspect, including more than 50 people from the community and from Cusco; we have organized and trained youth groups for the dissemination of heritage. The training lasts three years and includes topics of conservation and restoration, conducting internships with other projects and institutions" show_quote_icon="yes"]

Diana Castillo – Architect and Restaurateur