Saint John the Baptist in Huaro

It has a Renaissance style and retains more than beautiful 60 sculptures and 50 paintings of the Cusqueña School of Art, in addition to silverware, altarpieces and other movable goods.

Built at the end of the XVI century and the beginning of the XVII century, the stunning murals of its interior cover the entirety of the ceiling and walls.

The paintings, made by Tadeo Escalante, show the aftermath of human life, that is, the vision of death, the final judgment, glory and hell, defined by the union of Andean symbolism, its popular beliefs and colonial art.

We have visited a couples of churches in and around Cusco and this less famous one is one of our favourite. The wall painting is so different and the alter is in a unique style too. There are not much tourists there and you have some quite time and experience more there.

Melissa W in Tripadvisor – March 4th 2018.

360º Panoramic Views

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