Social Work

The Jesuit social impact project includes four libraries in the province of Quispicanchi in Cusco, attending to the needs of approximately 350 children.

Children after eating their meal at the lunch center continue their afternoon in the library where the receive homework help. The objective is that all of the participantes children complete their educational tasks in an opportune manner.

In the majority of cases children don’t receive help with their school tasks at home. Some parents don’t have many studies, therefore, they don’t have the necessary tools to assist their children as much as they would like. The library’s are an appropriate space to meet this educational gap, our team of educators are their to support children in their education.

To strengthen reading comprehension, a skill many children lack, a reading room has been implemented. In this reading space educators utilize techniques and strategies different from those used at school. Educators also carry out activities appealing to the children such as storytelling, the book hospital, the book nursery, warriors of peace, the booklenders, the guardians of silence, and work in free spaces are a few examples

Social Work