Social Work

Knitting training for forty women in Andahuaylillas whose production is commercialized through just commerce standards.

A group of women in the district of Andahuaylillas began their training in March 2016. Until mid-2017 the group was comprised by the Artisan Association of the Virgin of the Nativity of Andahuaylillas. In the last half of 2017 the group expanded, and welcomed all women who were interested in learning to knit.


Currently the Andean Baroque Route supports forty women. In partnership with CCAIJO, an NGO, and international cooperation we are able to support an additional twenty-five women in their knitting training.

Our knitted products, produced under just commerce standards, receive international support allowing us to export to Australia. Exportation benefits the women who receive a just pay to their work. Additionally our knitted products are also sold in our Andean Baroque Route gift shops.


Current knitted products for sale are baby clothes such as blankets, dresses, onesies, sweaters, hats and bears made in alpaca and cotton. Our training emphasizes the quality of our products, finishing details and focuses on consumer demands.

Social Work

Social Work
Educacional Play Center

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Social Work

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