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Instrumental Educational Workshop

The instrument-making educational workshop is made possible by Symphony for Peru, Backus and the Society of Jesus represented by the parishes of Saint Peter the Apostle of Andahuaylillas and Saint John the Baptist of Huaro.

The Symphony for Peru’s educational workshop in Cusco was made possible through the joint efforts of Symphony for Peru, Backus Foundation and the Parish of Saint John the Baptist of Huaro and Saint Peter the Apostle in Andahuaylillas. Beginning in 2013 the Huaro parish complex opened its doors to the young people of Huaro and Urcos of the Quispicanchi, Cusco province willing to learn the art of creating musical instruments.

The workshop is named after Marcela Temple de Pérez de Cuellar, who through her work as director of the World Monument Fund (WMF0 supported this initiative favoring and enriching culturally and work wise of the young people in Quispicanchi.


Symphony for Peru is convinced of the power of music in life-values formation such as discipline and excellence paired with a místical and joyful environment ensure high level of motivation. The development of values and techniques for the construction and restoration of musical instruments will be a source of pride for families and colleagues of the participants, generating a multiplying effect in the community.

The educational workshop is open to young people between the ages of 14 and 21. At the workshop participants learn to manufacture string instruments such as guitars and violins made from woods such as pine, baltic, mahogany, rosewood and chonta.



The instruments once finished belong to the participant that made them. The objective is that one day they will participate in the programs of Symphony for Peru and learn to play them.

Social Work

Social Work
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Social Work

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