Presence of the Society of Jesus in Quispicanchi

In the province of Quispicanchi, Cusco, the geographical area of the Andean Baroque Route, the parishes of the districts of Andahuaylillas, Huaro, Urcos, Ccatca, Ocongate and Marcapata are entrusted to the Society of Jesus. They develop different initiatives in pastoral care, education and local progress.

Fe y Alegría

Facebook: Colegio Fe y Alegría 44 “San Ignacio de Loyola”. Andahuaylillas – Cusco

Since 1995, the Society of Jesus participates in the education of the province, contributing to the achievement of top quality public education for the poorest children in Quispicanchi. The Rural Education Project Fe y Alegria serves 23 of rural primary schools in rural communities, and the Fe y Alegria School 44 of Andahuaylillas offers levels of initial, primary and secondary education. The education provided is bilingual: Quechua and Spanish.

CCAIJO – Centro de Capacitación Agro Industrial Jesús Obrero

With forty years of institutional life, the Center for Agro Industrial Training Jesus Obrero promotes the training of farmers in the promotion of sustainable development. In order to do this, CCAIJO is involved in agricultural production, processing and marketing focused on the market, in environmental care through afforestation, in the creation of artificial lagoons for harvesting water and implementation of sprinkler systems for irrigation; in the dignity of living conditions of the Andean population in extreme poverty with the construction of improved housing, and in the political impact of building citizenship from a communicative comprehensive proposal.


The WAYRA Association is part of the network of Jesuit Services for Solidarity, which articulates several social works of the Jesuits in different regions of Peru. WAYRA promotes a culture of human rights and seeks to improve the quality of life of people, putting them in the service of faith and justice promotion. It offers support to the parishes of Quispicanchi in defender’s programs, dining rooms, play areas, libraries, computer rooms, and social assistance and health programs; promotes and defends the rights of persons and the capacities of the population for sustainable development.

Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University

A Jesuit University which strives for excellence in human and professional education to contribute to a society of solidarity, which is free, inclusive and sustainable. The Professional Academic School of Sustainable Tourism collaborated in the preparation and design of the brand of the Andean Baroque Route.