Restoration works have enabled the improvement of the architectural infrastructure and the state of mural paintings and religious works.

The restoration of Andahuaylillas will conclude in mid-2015 at the hands of the architect Diana Castillo, continuing with the chapel of Canincunca.

The recovered pieces in the most remote corners of the temple, such as ceramics, rugs and chasubles, will allow the opening of a site museum. At the same time, the church at Huaro has completely renewed its internal and external lighting.

All these works were made possible through the participation of institutions such as the World Monuments Fund, the Society of Jesus, the Backus Foundation, Repsol, the Ministry of Culture and Endesa.

We have followed the principle of “open during works”. That is, people have been using their church and verified the progress of works. The visitor can see the beautiful temple of Andahuaylillas and get to know the restoration process. All our technicians are prepared to offer information and reply to all questions. We gain in transparency and the fraternities are able to see the restoration of the temple and its saints without speculation.

Diana Castillo – Architect and restorer