The income generated by ticket sales and merchandising of the ABR will be directed at the maintenance of the churches and to improve the living conditions of their neighbors.

Educational/recreational centres have been implemented in Huaro and Andahuaylillas which include dining rooms, play areas, computer workshops and libraries, which, together benefit more than 1500 children.

In Huaro, there is a lutheria workshop (the art of marking musical instruments) which forms young people for three years so that they can manufacture guitars, violins, ukuleles or harps.

In Andahuaylillas, in agreement with the CCAIJO, there is free technical training in hotel management and tourism for youth in the South Valley.

In addition, medical and dental care campaigns take place, reaching more than 800 people every year, and campaigns for social assistance with school supplies, clothes and food reach 1240 persons per year.

In several villages in the valley and in Ocongate, there is Wayra, the network of the public defender's office for women and children, whose work is articulated with different public and private institutions to serve more than 1,800 cases every year.