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The Andean Baroque Route begins in the Main Square of Cusco, in one of the most significant temples of this architectural style.

Construction began in 1576 on the Inca temple Amaru Cancha, and was completely refurbished in 1650 after a strong earthquake hit the city. Of Latin cross, its façade is richly decorated stone, it has two large towers and two adjoining chapels.

Its interior retains one of the most impressive altars carved in wood and covered in gold leaf, as well as a rich collection of sculptures and painting from the Cusqueña School of Art.

The architecture of the temple served as a model for many other temples that were built in the Southern Andes.

I sat in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco in front of this temple to contemplate its carved façade and the people walk next to it. It was a beautiful experience. At night, illuminated, it is impressive.

Sandra Artola – Traveler in Peru.

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